History of Royal Mayan

In 1999, inspired by Michael Duncker, the founder of Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm, the largest shrimp farm in Belize, Alvin Henderson along with his brother Irv Henderson, and some of his friends from Cornell University, developed the company's initial business plan. Irv Henderson, Anupendra Sharma, John Overy, Mazen Khoury and Vidur Luthra, then all students in the Cornell University MBA programme, visited Belize, interviewed operators of existing farms and developed the business model that would become the road map for the farm's development.

Farm construction started in early 2000 with an ambitious goal of producing the first crop within twelve months. Phase I of the project called for the development of 100 acres of production ponds. A joint venture between Alvin Henderson and Rempels Company, a local earth movement firm, led to the expansion of the vision and the construction of 320 acres of production ponds.

Royal Mayan began exporting to the US in 2000. By the year 2003, the company had opened up new markets into Mexico and the Caribbean, selling Head-on Shell-on (HO/SO) as well as Headless Shell-on (HL/SO) products. In 2006 the company began selling into the European market.

We have 60 employees currently at the company. The work force is drawn from the local surrounding communities.